Common Faults And Solutions In Cold Storage



Common Faults And Solutions In Cold Storage

October 27, 2023

1. Always check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements. When the cold storage equipment is not used for a long time, the main power supply of the cold storage should be cut off, and the refrigeration unit should be protected from moisture, dust, and other substances.

2. The condenser on the refrigeration unit is easily dirty. In order to maintain a good heat transfer effect, the condenser should be cleaned regularly. Good heat dissipation means good cooling. Do not pile debris around the refrigeration unit.

3. The electrical equipment in cold storage should be protected from moisture to avoid electric shock accidents caused by leakage.

4. The hinges, handles, and door locks of the cold storage door should be lubricated regularly according to the actual situation.

5. Maintenance of electrical equipment in cold storage should be performed by electricians or personnel with knowledge of electricity usage. Any maintenance must cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

6. The refrigeration unit should avoid vibration during operation. In addition to increasing mechanical wear, vibration can also cause the connecting pipes on the unit to loosen or break. If any abnormal noise is found during the operation of the machine, it should be stopped for inspection and eliminated before operation. The protection functions of the refrigeration compressor unit have been set in advance and do not need to be adjusted.

7. Regularly check whether the connecting pipes and valves of the refrigeration unit are firm and whether there is refrigerant leakage (generally, oil stains will appear in leakage areas). The most practical way to detect leaks is to use a sponge or soft cloth dipped in detergent, rub it into foam, and then apply it evenly to the area to detect leaks and observe it for a few minutes. If there is leakage, bubbles will appear. Mark the leakage area, and then tighten or gas weld it (the repair operation will be carried out by professional refrigeration staff).

8. Debris should not be piled on the top (roof) of the cold storage, otherwise the cold storage panels will deform and affect the insulation performance. Keep the passages around the cold storage unobstructed. Only by ensuring good heat dissipation can the cooling be good. The location where the cold storage is placed should be kept dry, clean, free of flammable and explosive items, and free of any potential safety hazards. Do not stack items in front of the evaporator (leave a certain gap) to avoid affecting the cooling effect.

9. If the air humidity is too high, the defrost interval is long, or the storage temperature setting is abnormal, all of these will cause the frost layer on the evaporator in the storage to thicken and the storage temperature to not drop. Defrost treatment should be carried out at this time. Observe in time and stop defrosting immediately when the frost layer disappears. Wait for a while before starting the device.

10. The internal temperature, temperature difference and other parameters of the cold storage should be set according to the actual conditions of the cold storage, and the parameters cannot be changed arbitrarily. The cold storage has been customized according to user requirements when it leaves the factory. It is necessary to understand the technical parameters of the cold storage before setting various parameters on the controller.

11. Frequent starting of the compressor should be avoided, and the interval between each shutdown should not be less than 6 minutes. When it is found that the oil level of the compressor sight glass has dropped or become dirty, it needs to be added or replaced in time. Do not add unqualified refrigeration oil of the wrong model or with high water content due to long-term exposure to the air. Otherwise, it will cause high-temperature carbonization, low-temperature wax precipitation, Failures such as damaged motor insulation, and difficulty in oil return to the system. Always pay attention to the temperature changes at the compressor casing, body, and cylinder head to determine whether the compressor is operating normally.

Refrigeration compressor units do not need to be refueled under normal circumstances. If it is determined that refueling is needed, professionals should add special compressor oil. The amount of refueling should be determined by professionals and should not be added blindly.

12. Regularly check whether the power supply voltage is normal and whether the protection function of the main power switch is normal and effective.


Analysis and troubleshooting of common faults in cold storage

1. There is no power on the distribution box or the display does not show. Please check whether the special gate of the cold storage is malfunctioning. (Check on the power supply and distribution box)

2. The cold storage is not cooling or has a poor cooling effect. Check whether the condenser of the refrigerator is dirty. Check whether there is too much frost on the evaporator in the cold room. Check for refrigerant leakage (coat the pipe connections with soapy water, if bubbles appear, it indicates refrigerant leakage). And ask professionals to replenish the refrigerant and deal with leaks.

Check whether the cold storage door seal is intact and remove it. Check whether the unit in the cold storage is working. Check whether the parameter settings of the computer controller of the cold storage are correct and readjust them. Check whether the cold storage controller is malfunctioning and replace it. Check whether there are enough gaps between items stacked in the warehouse and clear them.

3. If there is abnormal noise when the machine is running, please stop it and check whether it is caused by vibration or mechanical failure. There is abnormal noise in the distribution box. This is the sound emitted by the AC contactor. It is due to the damage of the contactor, the inflexibility of the moving parts of the iron magnet, and the dirt on the suction surface of the iron magnet. Please turn off the power and press it back and forth. The noise can be eliminated by removing the contactor's magnet or removing the contactor and cleaning it.

4. The refrigeration unit starts frequently or does not start for a long time, does not stop when it is turned on for a long time, or it stops when the storage temperature is not reached.

1) Check whether there is dirt on the condenser. Poor heat dissipation will cause the condensation pressure of the refrigeration unit to be too high. In order to protect the compressor, the machine will stop running under the action of the pressure controller. After heat dissipation is good, press the black reset button on the pressure controller. The machine can automatically resume operation.

2) The parameter setting of the controller is wrong, just reset it.

3) Refrigeration is not good, please refer to the fault.

4) Temperature control failure.

5) Electrical appliances are damaged.

5. The cold storage distribution box did not respond after closing, but the three-phase power was normal. Please check the neutral line to see if there is 220V voltage. The components of the cold storage (various valves, controllers) have been set, and there are no parts that the user needs to adjust.

6. The lighting in the warehouse is not on. Please check whether the switch is malfunctioning and whether the bulb is damaged. Cut off the power supply during inspection, and pay attention to the waterproofness of the lamp when installing the lampshade.

7. When the ambient temperature is too high after the refrigeration unit has been running for a period of time, the storage temperature does not reach the set value and the refrigeration unit stops early. This is due to the increase in ambient temperature causing the condensation pressure of the refrigeration unit to be too high. In order to protect the compressor, the machine stops running under the action of the pressure controller. After the heat dissipation is good, press the black reset button on the pressure controller and the machine will start. Can automatically resume operation. And check whether the water condenser dissipates heat well. Do not adjust the setting value on the pressure controller arbitrarily, otherwise, the pressure controller will not be able to protect the refrigeration unit.

8. The cold storage door is not closed tightly. Please adjust the hinges on the door and the distance between the door lock and the storage body. (The adjustment range should not be too large, otherwise, the door switch will be very inflexible.)


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