Eight tips for cold room aluminum row installation



Eight tips for cold room aluminum row installation

July 06, 2023

Tip 1: Pipe Cleaning

Before the aluminum row is installed, the inner wall of the cold storage aluminum row pipe connection should be cleaned of scale and dirt in the pipe, and the welding slag should be carefully removed from the welded pipes to facilitate cleaning and leak detection. When welding the elbow of the cold storage aluminum pipe, wipe the anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the welding place. Before welding elbows and connecting pipes, the inside of the aluminum pipe should be blown clean to prevent the internal aluminum slag from blocking the safety valve during use. When welding, the welding current must be adjusted well to avoid welding through or surface welding.

Tip 2: Takeover method

Shorten the length of the connection to minimize unnecessary elbows. It can not only reduce the flow resistance loss, but also save materials and labor. In the process of pipe bending, professional pipe bending tools should be used to ensure the smoothness and beauty of the pipe bend. The throttle valve should be installed as close to the evaporator as possible to reduce the loss of cooling capacity and achieve the most energy-saving effect.

Tip 3: Install in strict accordance with the product manual

In the installation of cold storage aluminum pipes, it must be installed in strict accordance with the instructions. Because each type of aluminum row product has different pressure resistance strength and pipeline flow resistance. Special attention should be paid to the liquid supply pipe of the refrigerant, which cannot be arbitrarily reduced. If it is too small, the pressure drop will increase, and it is easy to cause flash gas before the expansion valve.


Tip 4: Take over to match anti-vibration measures

The connecting pipe should have anti-vibration measures, and the longer connecting pipe should be supported by a shelf to avoid vibration damage or bumps. When the short pipe is connected to the equipment, it is strictly required to be vertical and horizontal, so that the refrigerant moves in a straight line and reduces vibration. If the hot and cold pipes pass through the wall, pipe sleeves should be installed, otherwise the hot and cold pipes passing through the wall will generate pulling or pushing force on the wall. For parallel equipment (especially evaporator pipes), the pipes must be arranged symmetrically so that the liquid supply is uniform, and the pipes should be arranged neatly and beautifully.

Tip 5: Smart use of trabeculars for fast leveling

Why are the cold storage projects installed quickly and the aluminum pipes are arranged neatly? This is because when the aluminum row is hung, a small beam should be installed under the insulation board on the roof of the cold storage. The threading rod of the aluminum row and the beam are hung together with a double-headed hook, which can ensure quick installation and the arrangement of the aluminum row is even.

Tip 6: How to ensure the flue effect?

A gap of 50-100mm is left between the aluminum row and the insulation board on the roof of the cold room, which serves as a channel for convection of cold and hot air, and easily realizes the flue effect.

Tip 7: What should be paid attention to when installing an air cooler?

If an air cooler is to be installed, the direction of the air outlet should be consistent with the direction of the aluminum exhaust pipe.

Tip 8: Precautions for pipeline connection

In the pipe connection precautions, when welding the aluminum row, be sure to wrap the copper and aluminum mouth with a wet towel to prevent damage to the heat shrinkable film and the copper-aluminum interface after overheating; do not bend the copper and aluminum head of the aluminum row; when hoisting the aluminum row, Pay special attention not to be in contact with the aluminum row pipes to prevent the iron and aluminum from producing a battery effect and corroding the aluminum pipes; the load-bearing load of the aluminum row is suspended, and the calculation is based on the projected area of 160KG/㎡.


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